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Solar Panels

At Micahel McGonigle Plumbing & Heating we offer Solar heating installations. Our team of highly trained renewable energy heating engineers are fully qualified to install Solar heating systems on a wide range of commercial and domestic properties.

The advantages of installing a Solar water heating system are evident in the savings made from your annual hot water bill, you’ll also be making a big difference in cutting your carbon footprint by opting for a renewable energy source. By installing Solar Thermal panels we can effectively slash your hot water costs by up to 100% in some cases.

Our Solar Panel service includes the design control, engineering, specification, installation and commissioning of Solar Thermal equipment and systems. We can supply all required parts and accessories used in the installation including:

Solar Panels

We are also MCS accredited to perform routine Solar Heating installation maintenance giving you peace of mind and a reliable solar heating installation for many years to come.

The Renewable Heat Incentive RHI is a government funded scheme designed to encourage commercial and domestic clients to install renewable heating systems. It is designed to help reduce heat energy bills and try and help Northern Ireland reach their target of increasing renewable heat use to 10% by 2020. By installing Solar Thermal panels we can vastly reduce your hot water costs by up to 100%. The NI Government run, Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), means that with your Solar Thermal panels you will earn 8.8p/kWhr. By installing Solar Thermal panels you will also be making a big difference in cutting your carbon footprint and helping to create a cleaner environment for all.

Grant Applications

We can provide assistance with all grants applications inclusive of Renewable Heat Incentive RHI and Carbon Trust 0% loans when applicable.

Solar Panels

How Do Solar Panels Work?

Solar thermal panels contain liquid that circulates through special panels and is heated by sunlight, this then passes through a coil in the water tank which in turn heats the water stored in the tank. With continually rising gas, electric and oil fuel prices and a need to reduce CO2 emmissions, many people are now turning towards solar energy as an economical and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional heating systems. Solar roof panel systems are installed with minimum disruption - They can be linked into your existing conventional heating system.

Once installed, solar energy can provide up to 60% of your hot water needs throughout the year for free!

Cylinders and Solar Heating Thermal Panels

For this type of solar energy we have to use a larger and different type of cylinder to the traditional one used in the home as there is a need to have more heat storing capacity for the solar heating panels. A twin coil cylinder is needed for energy generated by solar heating panels as one coil will be receiving the heat from the collector on the roof and the other coil is used to supply heat from your other main heat source when solar energy (i.e. sunlight) is insufficient.

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