The Affordable Warmth Scheme tackles fuel poverty in the private sector by providing funding to improve energy efficiency of homes. You can get help with installing insulation, central heating and new windows. The Boiler Replacement Allowance can help with the cost of replacing old boilers with energy-efficient new ones. It is for owner-occupiers with total income of less than £40k. More information on these schemes is available in the pages below.

You can receive up to £7,500 through the Affordable Warmth Scheme. If your home is of solid wall construction and insulation measures are needed, this will increase to £10,000. It may cost more than this to complete the works to your home. You can choose to contribute to the costs of the heating solutions in these circumstances. 

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The Boiler Replacement Allowance is a Government Scheme, which aims to help the cost of replacing your old inefficient boiler

The Scheme offers Owner Occupiers a grant of up to £1000 to replace inefficient boilers that are over 15 years old, with an energy efficient condensing boiler

The level of grant available is dependent on total gross income of the household as outlined below.

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To apply for the Grant please contact the NIHE ON 03448 920900